Our favorite of all sports "FOOTBALL" developed very bad.

Probably not in the past sales but the increased share prices of the past 25 years also brought no added value for the population.

The sport is more and more alienated from the working class, which is its original home.

Average player earn in a year more than simple workers in their entire lives and many fans can not afford the expensive ticket prices for the games of their club.

The most emotional game of the world degenerates more and more of a show event advertising strategy.

In some countries this development falls not because an emotionless public event held at the football collection, must have seen every doubter like the last Confederations Cup.

True fans who followed up their national team to the Faroe Islands or to Japan, have not received tickets for the World Cup in Germany and had to leave a day go through the draw of the sponsors on the radio.

What happens if the traditional fan curves extinct in the stadiums, because the Event Product Football has become too expensive for the simple fan. This new generation audience is caught in the commercial arena if the much vaunted mood on the ground is? And they fill the arenas even in just 20 years if no other sport is the trend of the mass?

Traditional football countries such as Portugal (EURO 2004) and Italy (World Cup 1990) show extremely declining viewership, that football is at a crossroads.

We have been shaped by Hooligan by Football.

Football has given us passion, identity, size, and self-confidence. We would like to pass on to you!